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Our proactive solutions and services are designed and implemented to enable your success.

Solutions And Services
Discover our award-winning, digital and digitally enabled solutions and services that focus on efficiency, maintenance, comfort and safety. Our digital transformation services and solutions are based on actionable insights by the CORTIX™ Building IoT platform. The platform acts autonomously on optimization opportunities, or prompts the user to act through a mobile or desktop application. Our digitally enabled solutions include business recommendations and actions by analysts and experts, based on the inputs from the CORTIX™ platform. Our solutions and services enable enterprises, equipment manufacturers and service providers, to resolve issues before they occur.

Enhance the comfort and ensure the safety of occupants, improve your equipment and operational efficiency and increase visibility and connectivity across your sites. Apart from the intelligence of the CORTIX™ platform, get access to the expertise of our data analysts. Make the most of these strategies and turn insights into results.

Enterprises can benefit from the following services:
  • CORTIX™ platform as a Service
  • Energy Analytics & Efficiency service
  • Maintenance Analytics & Management
  • Demand Management
  • System Integration
Equipment Manufacturers

Make your equipment connected and intelligent with our solutions and services. Add new capabilities to your current portfolio of products and technologies and elevate your offerings for your customers. Optimize your products through insight-driven research and development before launching them in the market.

Equipment Manufacturers can leverage the CORTIX™ platform to:
  • Resolve product issues faster
  • Enable a proactive approach to equipment maintenance
  • Improve the bottom line of field service operations
  • Drive additional sale of equipment and services
  • Gain insights for product design improvements
Service Providers

Our solutions and services help you reduce operational costs and manage data associated with energy use requirements. Introduce cloud-enabled and proactive offerings for your customers. Achieve your operational excellence goals across the business spaces under your management.

Facility Managers and Service Providers can deploy the CORTIX™ platform to:
  • Resolve customer issues faster
  • Enable a proactive approach to delivering services
  • Evaluate field service effectiveness of the teams
  • Drive additional sale of services
  • Gain insights for service improvements

With over a decade of experience in the buildings space and strong technological expertise, we enable you to digitally transform your buildings, products and services with our customized solutions and services in efficiency, maintenance, comfort and safety.

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