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Manage your buildings better, provide excellence in occupant comfort and enhance your customer relationships.

Service Providers
Disruption has become the new normal in today’s age of digital technology. Your managed services for buildings are critical in your mission to serve your customers. As consumers, businesses and markets are constantly evolving, it's time to digitally transform your managed services.
Key Benefits
Offer proactive service
Offer better occupant comfort
Expand the portfolio of services
Improve customer satisfaction and retention
Enhance service margins and revenue
From facility management firms to equipment service providers and energy service companies (ESCOs), globally leading service providers like you can now experience radical improvement in their managed buildings. We enable service providers across multiple industries to maximize operational efficiency and enhance occupant comfort in their managed business spaces. Rely on our solutions to offer proactive services to your customers and to expand your service portfolio. We help you not only enhance your service margins and revenue, but also improve your customer satisfaction and retention.
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Case in Point

One of the largest American facility management providers has been using our solutions to manage their end customer’s requirements. We have been assisting the provider with energy management service and analysis on asset run hours, thermal compliance & consumption profiling.

For 2 educational institutions in Georgia, U.S with over 24 buildings, we monitored nearly 2,000 assets connected to 10,808 data points. The CORTIX™ platform processed over 1 million records per day and identified that during 40% of the non-operating hours, the equipment were deviating from the thermal ranges specified as per the schools thermal compliance policy.

For 6 public buildings in North Carolina and Pennsylvania, U.S, with 344 assets, we monitored 6547 data points and the CORTIX™ platform processed over 628,500 records per day.

Our team identified that during 50% of the building operating and non-operating hours, the equipment were deviating from the thermal ranges specified as per the thermal compliance policy.

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