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We enable utilities to efficiently provide quality water and waste water services to the public every day.

Water Utilities
Water utilities face multiple challenges, such as high amount of energy use, with pumps, motors and other equipment operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, there is growing pressure from regulatory authorities to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions. There may also be internal mandates to protect the environment.
Our Robust Processes And Solutions Leverage The CORTIX™ Building IoT Platform And Deliver Advantages Such As:
Improved Energy Efficiency
Maintaining Optimum Operational Performance
Strict Compliance to Policies
Reduced Equipment Downtime
Integrated Data Management

After identifying inefficiencies in data management and water systems processes, our solutions, energy management and online process evaluations and risk analysis, are deployed across the system, addressing energy and operational efficiency. The CORTIX™ platform contextualizes, correlates and analyzes data to identify inefficiency points across the system. The analysis enables the setting up of an ‘ideal’ process for the treatment facilities, using targeted step points. These step points are supported and maintained through integrated monitoring. This allows energy savings to be constantly assessed and enables your facilities team to quickly identify any operational deviation across the water treatment cycle. The efficiency performance of the water and wastewater treatment plant is maintained through regular health checks. This ensures the most efficient and reliable plant items run most frequently.

Our Online Process Evaluation and Risk Analysis solution creates rapid and interactive risk assessment of hydraulic and biological headroom at a process element level. The solution enables your staff to predict the performance of connected equipment at the site, for example, when unplanned breakdowns or planned maintenance cause process elements to be taken out of service. This directly increases efficiency and streamlines performance.

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Case in Point

We enabled one of the largest water and wastewater service providers in Europe to achieve their goals of energy efficiency and waste reduction across their water treatment process. The CORTIX™ platform was deployed across some of their waste and clean water sites, inefficiency points across the system were identified. Our regular health checks helped maintain the efficiency performance of the water and wastewater treatment plant. The Online Process Evaluation and Risk Analysis solution was also rolled out, directly increasing efficiency and streamlining performance. The CORTIX™ platform contextualized, correlated and analysed data, to identify inefficiency points across the system. This resulted in saving 17,044,784 kWh in energy across the set of sites in 4 years.

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