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Remote Airside Management - Profile Based Features

Remote Airside Management covers the remote management of building airside equipment such as rooftop units, air handlers, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) units, direct expansion (DX) units/cassette units, etc.

The following tabulation illustrates the features of Remote Airside Management and how they would apply for different building profiles – small, medium and large – based on area in sq. ft.


Disclaimer: JACE® is a trademark of Tridium Inc.” after 1st Building profile-based features chart



  1. Non-intrusive approach that will not include any equipment: Smart/Embedded with controls/PLC Controls/Firmware
  2. Product engineering or any associated activity
  3. Control program creation and modification in existing BMS
  4. Any equipment operations beyond control system/BMS scope and availability of key parameters on existing BMS for monitor and control
  5. Management of defective devices and replacement of devices other than supplied by service provider

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